Our Organization



Safety Policy

ASB takes the responsibility to protect the health and safety of its employees.


ASB takes the responsibilities to protect the environment around it while on going activities.


ASB takes the responsibility to timely service.



  1. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against employees found violating below given instruction.

  2. Do not use defective tools equipment.

  3. Never leave power tool with connection to power source.

  4. All tools and equipment to be used with their respective guards and safety device in place.

  5. Never operate tools that aren't assigned to you.

  6. Use always the right tool for the right purpose.

  7. Never include in unsafe working conditions.

  8. Use protection whenever there is a risk of flying object.

  9. Use ear protection while working in noisy condition.

  10. Use face mask while undertaking spray application.

  11. Know where to locate the first aid in the event of an emergency.